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Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

Serves and ministers to students by facilitating spiritual growth while in college.

C.S Lewis Student Center (C.S Lewis)

Experience the Mere Christianity of C. S. Lewis, and also worship with us in the tradition that inspired him in St. Theodore's Anglican Chapel. Visit us at

Campus Advance

The purpose of this group is to offer anyone on campus the opportunity to be more involved in informal Bible Study and to form Christian friendships.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

Helps students to grow spiritually in their lives by teaching them the basics of the Christian life.

Campus Outreach

Glorify God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World!

Carolina Bible Fellowship

The purpose of Carolina Bible Fellowship shall be to help provide spiritual support and guidance to students at the University of South Carolina through Bible studies and discipleship.

Chinese Student's Christian Fellowship (CSCF)

The University of South Carolina Chinese Student’s Christian Fellowship is established for enhancing the fellowship among Christians on campus as well as sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with students through social events, Bible study and so forth.

Chosen Gospel Ensemble (Chosen)

To promote unity, spiritual self-esteem and diversity amongst choir members, leaders, and musicians in order to effectively share the message of Jesus Christ through music.

Christ's Student Church at Carolina (Church of Christ) (CSCC)

CSCC exists to glorify Christ through the lives of Carolina students. This includes a time of worship on campus each Sunday, service to others, Bible study, and fellowship.

Coptic Orthodox Youth Association (COYA)

The mission of COYA is to praise and represent the Lord Christ in our everyday lives through Bible study and Christian teaching. We raise awareness of the beautiful history of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt and Egyptian culture.

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